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Wood Fire Oven
Our Wood Fire Oven is functional!
Check out the progress of the outdoor kitchen area here.

June 2009:  The outdoor kitchen is looking good.  See the project from start to finish.

Winter 2008/2009 Update:
Work begins on our new outdoor kitchen!  Check out the progress here

Fall 2008 Update:
*Connie & Becca win it big at the Central Washington Fair

Winter 2007 Update:
*Snowy times

Fall 2007 Update:
*Celebrating Becca's birthday
*Connie & Becca are busy with a Bazaar

Summer 2007 Update:
*Erick, James & Carrie join us for the summer
*Another hectic harvest

Spring 2007 Update:
*The Orchard is in Bloom!
*Ron & Dave have more great fish stories
*Dave turns 50

Winter 2006 Update:
*Sunnyslope Ranch, our winter wonderland
*A Sad Good-Bye to Phantom

Fall 2006 Update:
*Dave & Ron go fishing
*Becca starts up a new hobby
*Jimmie enjoys cooking with truffles
*Connie creates gorgeous arrangements for a local bazaar

Summer 2006 Update:
*Learn about our amazing summer of fruit, fruit and more fruit!

Spring 2006 Update:
*Becca heads up the new marketing efforts for our ranch.
*Connie & Becca host a hat making party.
*We host our first ranch party.

March 2006 Update:
*Connie & Becca take a cake decorating course!  See our final projects.
*We host our first party at the ranch:  a ladies afternoon tea.  Check out photos of the event.

November 2005 Update:
*What a Fall we've had!  Jimmie's family comes for a visit.  Jack spends Thanksgiving with us.  Check out the latest happenings here.

August 2005 Update:
*Our house arrives!  View the photos of one wild and crazy Wednesday morning at Sunnyslope Ranch.

June 2005 Update:
*We are within days of our first harvest!  Check out the latest happenings in Life in Washington.
*You can read all about our first Cherry Harvest at www.SunnyslopeRanch.comClick here for the 2005 Cherry Report.

May 2005 Update:
*Life in Washington is heating up!  The ranch is now 100% ours.  Read the latest updates in Life in Washington. (last updated 5/26/05)

March 2005 Update:
*Life in Washington - check out the updates for February & March.

January 2005 Update:
*Life in Washington - saw my first bald eagle and an amazing number of elk! 

December 2004 Update:
*The latest update on our Life in Washington (updated 12/21/04)
*We've made it to Yakima, WA!  More updating will occur as we unpack and settle into our temporary digs.  Stay tuned!

November 2004 Update:
*We've sold our house and are moving to Washington.  Follow our progress at Our Move  (updated 12/14/04)
*Sunnyslope:  Read about our new venture, including photos from three seasons in the orchard.

September 2004 Update:
*Becca's First Peking Duck
*Jimmie & Becca meet Jacques Pepin

March 2004 Update:
*Our Visit to Sunnyslope Ranch
*WCWN Offine at Alloro:  Our fun evening

January 2004 Update:
*Santa Barbara WCWN Offline:  Photos

September 2003 Update:
*Judy, Steve & Ann visit & it's a PAELLA feast!
*Jimmie makes a trip to Columbus to visit friends & relatives.  Photos of the trip, click here.


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