Jimmie visits Columbus


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Photos from Jimmie's trip to Columbus.  A celebration of Ellie's seventh birthday.  (Click on photo to load a larger copy of the same photo.)

Erick & Jimmie

Danielle, Erick & Jimmie

Aunt Rosie, Kevin & Kelley

Lacey, Emma & Carrie Jim, Spanky, Steve, Judy & Aunt Rosie James
Billy Kelley, Jim, Spanky, Steve, Judy & Aunt Rosie Steve, Judy & Aunt Rosie
Erick & Danielle Steve, Judy, Emma, Ellie, James & Carrie Emma, Ellie, James, Carrie & Lacey
Lacey Judy, Emma, Ellie, Carrie, James & Lacey Carrie, Lacey & James
Updated:  Wednesday, December 26, 2007