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Winter 2006 - 2007:  It's been a white winter so far.  Actually the first snow came a few days after Thanksgiving, with snow and rain on and off throughout December.  We did have a nice little snow storm a couple of days before Christmas giving us a delightfully White Christmas. 

We're enjoying a quiet winter.  Becca spent much of December embroidering lots of Christmas presents for everybody....  towels, shirts, aprons.  She worked with Connie on putting together a children's program for the morning Christmas Eve service at our local church.  They had about 10 kids, ages 6 and under.  It was great fun.  Following the final rehearsal Becca and Connie threw a little party for the kids.  Becca made a Christmas Train cake for the kids to enjoy.

On New Year's Eve we had our traditional prime rib dinner at the Hunt's Lodge.  Dave cooked a fabulous rib roast with all the trimmings.  Jimmie provided the twice baked potatoes and dinner wines, Connie the vegetables, Becca the appetizers & assorted chocolates for dessert, and Ron provided the bubbly to start off the whole evening.  It was definitely a group effort that created a wonderful meal.

January and February passed in a bit of a blur.  Our precious Phantom disappeared shortly after the new year.  After weeks of searching for him, he was found.  It appears he had been hit by a car and had been covered by snow along the side of the road.  Now he rests back on the ranch.


Our orchard becomes a winter wonderland!

Jimmie in his signature shorts out shoveling snow off our deck.  While he shovels, Phantom chases birds in the trees. (Photo taken a few days before he disappeared.)

Millie's chilling for the winter.

A very snowy and beautiful Mt. Adams.  View from the front- side of Jimmie & Becca's house.

Becca embroidered a nativity shirt to wear for Christmas Eve.  Unfortunately she ran out of time and had to go with only 1 wiseman.  The other 2 will be added before next year!

The train cake for the kids' party.

Connie sets a lovely table for our New Year's Eve celebration.

Connie poses in her shirt set that Becca embroidered for her as one of her Christmas presents.

Ron pours the bubbly to start off the evening.

Dave & Connie run the kitchen as the plates are prepared.

Doesn't that look fantastic?!?

Millie waits patiently for her plate.

Dave, the chef for the evening, smiles with a job well done!

Another of Becca's embroidery gifts.