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About the property
Photos:  February 2004, May 2004, July 2004
About the property
Sunnyslope Ranch is a thirteen acre organic fruit farm that we are considering purchasing.  It is located in Wapato, Washington, which is approximately 10 miles southeast of Yakima and 150 miles east of Seattle.  The current owners are ready to retire and have decided to sell.

Sunnyslope Ranch has been a certified organic ranch for over fifteen years.  It is located on the south slope of a small hill which provides a lovely view and a frost free area.  

Currently, the property contains a double wide mobile home, three cold room warehouses, a large insulated and heated shop which contains an office, bathroom and kitchen area.  Everything needed to run the ranch is included in the sale.

There are five types of stone fruit trees on the property.  There are 111 cherry trees, 427 peach trees, 140 apricot trees, 129 pluot trees, and 923 nectarine trees.  These 1700+ active trees produce nearly 175,000 pounds of fruit per year.

In addition there are a couple of hazelnut trees, fig trees, two types of table grapes and "wild" asparagus in the spring.

Jimmie put together this schematic to illustrate the lay of the property.  The property is bordered on the south by an irrigation canal, to the west by a neighbor's driveway, to the north by Henderson Rd. (a private road), and to the east by an apple orchard.

Sunnyslope in February 2004
The current home Orchard & Bird scaring equipment
The orchard The orchard
The trailer & bunkhouse where the pickers "live" Jimmie in the warehouse kitchen area
Pluots (plums-apricots cross) From the road that leads from the house to the warehouse area
Looking up from the warehouse area to the home & cherry trees Race time!  Some of the equipment to use to get around the place
Fruit sorting equipment (for the cherries & apricots) Jimmie in one of the walk-in coolers (the largest of the 3)
Main Room of the Heated Workshop Looking through the cherry trees to the mobile
Sunnyslope in May 2004
Mom on her visit to Sunnyslope Spring has sprung at Sunnyslope
Cherries Apricots
Nectarines Peaches
Sunnyslope in July 2004
Apricots Table Grapes
Nectarines Peaches
The Orchard Pickers Sorting Apricots for market