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March 4, 2004


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*The Attendees
*The Wines
  *Photos of our Evening
A few out-of-towners were in town for World of Pinot, so a get-together was arranged to re-acquaint ourselves and to meet some new folks.  We gathered at Alloro in Paso Robles and once again Fabrizio was the host with the most (no corkage for WCWNers!).  Melissa, our server, was on top of her game, taking care of us with efficiency and grace.  Fab’s delicious food more than adequately complimented the many bottles. 

The food
Several appetizers made the rounds, including:
-calamari fritti
-bruschetta with mushrooms, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar
-prosciutto-wrapped shrimp with mozzarella served over Tuscan white beans
-ahi carpaccio with arugula, shaved parmesan, and white truffle oil

Salads appeared next, followed by the entrées.
-Becca had gnocchi with mushrooms, tomatoes, and pancetta in a (somewhat) spicy sauce
-I had mushroom angolotti in a mushroom and pancetta cream sauce

After dinner, a surprise (to me) birthday cake appeared: Italian chocolate mousse cake

The wines (at least the ones I recorded; there may have been some I missed), with a vague Old World-New World theme (no TNs, just a list with a few comments):

List of Attendees

-from Hawaii, Peter Yanagihara and his wife, Candy
-from North Carolina, Steve and Barb South and their friends, John and Jennifer
-local winemakers Jeff and Linda 
-from San Diego, Paul and Claudia Eccles
-from Walnut Creek, Bob Summers
-from Santa Paula, Jimmie and Becca
-from Paso Robles, Fabrizio


A List of the Wines

-Prosecco (off Alloro's list)
-'90 Heidsieck champagne (wonderfully dry with a nice toasty flavor)
-'00 Babcock Fathom (similar blend to the Chauvin)
-'00 Chateau Chauvin Saint Émilion
-'97 Justin Isosceles, Reserve (excellent; probably my WOTN)
-'01 Justin Reserve Syrah
-'93 Poderi Luigi Einaudi Barolo
-'01 Tables Creek Côtes de Tablas Rouge
-'02 Tables Creek Côtes de Tablas Blanc
-'85 Dervieux-Thaize Côte Rôtie
-'01 Finca Sandoval (mostly syrah, with some mourvèdre; very pleasant)
-'01 Alain Jaume Côtes du Rhône
-'01 Austin Robaire cab
-'01 Leonetti sangiovese (one of my faves of the night)
-97 Tassiana (cab/sangio/merlot blend; quite tasty)
-'94 and '98 Bricco de Uccellone barbera
-'01 Justin Mourvèdre (presented as a mystery wine)
-'99 Condrieu from Gaillard, Cuilleron, and another winemaker I can't remember)
-'71 Chateau Coutet a Barsac
Photos of our Evening
The group begins to gather Bob, Claudia, Becca & Paul
Jimmie, Jeff & Paul Barb & Steve
Jeff, Linda, Peter & Candy Steve, Barb, Linda, Peter, Candy, Jennifer
John, Claudia, Bob John, Steve, Candy, Peter, Jeff
Barb, Jeff, Linda, Peter, Candy & Jennifer Jeff, Barb, Peter
Jennifer, Candy, Peter, Linda, Jeff & Barb Steve, Jimmie & Paul
Steve, Jeff & Jimmie Linda & Jeff

Linda, Jeff, Fab & Barb

Steve, Linda & Jeff


Paul & Fab

Becca, John, Jimmie & Paul


Jeff, Linda, Steve, Peter, Candy & Jennifer

Our happy campers


The whole gang Becca, Fab & Jimmie
All in all, a very pleasant evening. It was great to see some old friends and also nice to make some new ones. A very special thank you to Fabrizio for welcoming us with open arms and providing outstanding service and food. Until next time!
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