Life in Washington - Fall 2006

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Fall 2006:  Finally!  With harvest wrapped up we have time to rest weary bodies and minds.  Last year when we finished harvest we were in the middle of building our homes.  This year we had nothing pressing to do and were able to enjoy a quiet and relaxing fall on the ranch.

Dave and Ron had the opportunity to go sturgeon fishing on the Columbia River a couple of times.  Ron and Connie took a paddleboat cruise on the Columbia as well.  Jimmie and Becca made a quick trip to the Vancouver, WA - Portland, OR area for an organic farmers' conference, dinner with a customer and meeting up with some friends.

For Becca's birthday (September 28th), Jimmie bought her an embroidery/sewing machine.  Becca has been busily and happily embroidering just about everything in sight!  In October the Yakima Christian Women's association held a bazaar and auction.  Becca provided a few embroidered items and Connie whipped up some of her famous floral arrangements and wreaths. 

We also spent time in September and October enjoying the "fruits" of our little garden.


Dave's sturgeon.

Jimmie purchased a few white truffles for some delicious dishes!

Mom & Dad getting ready for their brunch cruise on the Columbia River

Becca's embroidered tablecloth and napkins for the bazaar.

Connie's arrangement for the bazaar.

Some of our tasty fall tomatoes.