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Summer 2007:  This summer Erick, Jimmie's son, and two of the grandkids, James and Carrie joined us for the summer.  They arrived the same day cherries harvest began and stayed with us until the end of August, about 2 days before harvest ended.  Erick was a great help and quickly caught on to the activities of harvest.  James and Carrie helped with cherries sorting, making boxes and helping to keep the sorting room stocked with boxes and tidy.  In between all the work they did manage to have some fun on the ranch.

Father's Day was a big event at the ranch.  We celebrated at Ron and Connie's house.  This year we had 3 generations of fathers.  It was a great day.

Harvest was plentiful.  Unfortunately we had an issue with mildew on the nectarines (about 55% of our harvest).  It added many hours of mind-numbing work to do the extra cleaning and sorting of the nectarines.  We were very thankful to have Erick's help.  Even with all the extra work Dave found time to plant an incredible vegetable garden.  One of the great prizes was the fresh corn.  Fantastic!  He also grew enough plum tomatoes to can for winter.

Becca had a recipe and brief article about the ranch published in the June issue of Cooking Light.  It was quite exciting to see our name in a national magazine.


One of the guys picking cherries

Bing Cherries

Jimmie loading the conveyer belt with cherries to be sorted

Cherry sorting with all the positions filled

We were happy to have the extra hands











Washed and sorted cherries coming off the line


Carrie leaned how to pack cherries

Jimmie, Erick, James and Carrie on the apricot line.  Quite a bit easier
than sorting cherries.

Carrie with Millie and Misty.

James and his catch.

Our 3 generations of fathers - Erick, Ron and Jimmie

We enjoyed a tasty ham dinner for father's day

Dave's ranch-grown corn

Connie and Dave harvesting corn

Erick, Jimmie and Dave sorting Nectarines

Connie sorting nectarines

Our cherries being featured at New Seasons Market in Portland

We had our biggest peach harvest yet

Our article in Cooking Light

James, Jimmie, Carrie and Erick