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November 2005:  This Fall has been extremely busy with the construction of our house, Becca's parents' house, and a visit from Jimmie's son, daughter-in-law and four grandkids.  Much of September was spent getting our house put together, packing up the rental house and moving everybody out to the ranch.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get electricity to our house, so we (Jimmie and Becca) shared the 30+ year old double wide trailer already on the property with Becca's parents, brother, two dogs and a cat!  Crowded is an understatement!  At night we came down to our house and used flashlights and battery-operated lanterns so we could have some place to sleep.  Finally, on October 12th the power company arrived and we had electricity.  Just in time for a visit from Jimmie's family.

Erick, Danielle, Billy, James, Lacey and Carrie flew out to spend a few days with us in October. 

Back row (l to r):  Danielle, Jimmie, Erick
Front row (l to r):  James, Lacey, Billy, Carrie

Jimmie leading the tour of the ranch

Jimmie surrounded by his family

Jimmie with Lacey, Carrie & James as they get their cereals for an easy

Jimmie, James & Carrie grilling YUMMY cheeseburgers for a fun supper!

James & Carrie have become Becca's best kitchen helpers.  Tonight they
are rolling out dough for do-it-yourself pizzas!  It was great fun working with
each of the kids as they made and baked their own pizzas.

To help document their first trip, Grandpa Jimmie gave the kids digital cameras.

Danielle & Lacey working in the kitchen


We've had a gorgeous Autumn here at Sunnyslope.  The trees have produced
LOTS of colorful leaves.  We are very thankful that we do not have to rake
up thirteen acres of leaves.

Millie is continuing to get used to having a little feline brother.  Phantom
loves to snuggle up with Millie.
Thanksgiving 2005: Thankfully, everyone was in their new houses by Thanksgiving Day and what a FEAST we had!  Jack, one of Jimmie's best friends, was able to fly in from Columbus, Ohio to spend Thanksgiving week with us.  We had a great week.  Fun to show off the ranch, share good food and wine with a long time friend and celebrate an American holiday eating, drinking and watching football.

Jack, Ron (Becca's Dad), Jimmie, Connie (Becca's Mom) and Dave (Becca's Brother) sitting down to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.  Jimmie and Connie did most of the work in the kitchen.  What a feast!
We also invested in a new gas grill to go with our gorgeous new deck.  It is a beaut!  One of these days Becca is going to have to let Jimmie use it.  Lots of btu''s, six burners, four grill racks and a griddle, two side burners...   fun, fun, fun!!