Life in Washington - March 2006

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March 2006:  Connie & Becca have been busily taking cake decorating classes.  Here are the pictures of the final projects.

Connie made her own birthday cake as our final class was on her birthday, March 1st.









Becca had a great time making one of Jimmie's favorite chocolate cakes.  C & B had a wonderful time learning how to make icing clowns, drop flowers, roses and do all sorts of techniques to jazz up our cakes.  Birthdays will never be the same at the ranch!  Becca is looking forward to creating a masterpiece for the March birthday party.

On March 25th, Connie and Becca hosted a ladies afternoon tea at Connie's house.  About a dozen ladies from our local church attended.  We had a wonderful time getting to know people in our area.