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Fall 2007:  We were ready for September to roll around and harvest to be a distant memory.  At the end of the month we celebrated Becca's 47th birthday.  Jimmie grilled beautifully aged 2"-thick porterhouses and lovely filet mignons.  Connie whipped up another of her fabulous cakes.  It was a great celebration all around.  Becca took a little time to work on her chocolate cherry truffles.  They have been quite the hit with all who taste them.

In October Connie and Becca oversaw the Yakima Christian Women's Connection Bazaar.  It was a fun time and an opportunity to sell some of our donated goodies for a good organization.  By the end of November the weather began to cool and the leaves changed to gorgeous fall colors.  The ranch was beautiful.  

This year Becca decided to make embroidered Christmas cards to send to many of our friends and family.  She has really been enjoying embroidering lots of things for family and friends.  In November Becca had some surgery.  It was nothing life threatening, but required a brief hospital stay and about 6 to 7 weeks of recuperation at home.  


Jimmie carving the birthday steaks

Perfecting grilled steaks

Connie made a delicious chocolate cake

Becca's Chocolate Cherry Truffles

Connie setting up at the bazaar

Connie and Becca made arrangements and embroidered items for the bazaar


Beautiful fall leaves at Sunnyslope Ranch

Becca's embroidery/sewing machine in action