Life in Washington - June 2005

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June 2005:  Things are heating up at Sunnyslope.  We've had some really hot ( mid-90s) weather that has given the fruit a real push.  The cherries are within about a week of harvest.  We've been monitoring the color and brix of the fruit.  You can see how the darker fruit has a higher brix, which is directly related to the level of sugar present.

We are looking forward to moving forward with our harvest.  Becca and Jimmie have been buying labels and boxes and learning as much as possible about all the necessary inspections and paperwork that go along with being organic fruit farmers.  It's kept us quite busy.

Dave's been very active at the ranch as well.  He's led the way with keeping the birds and squirrels in check.  He's been helping with the general upkeep of the orchard and spends time with the guys in the orchard to learn the various processes and equipment.

Dave's picking red currants for his currant jelly

June 4, 2005: We've received our Organic Food Producer Certificate!  Click on the cert to see an enlarged view.  We are very excited!

See how the cherries darken as they ripen

One of our bird scaring devices that rotates above the cherry trees

Dave and Jimmie receive the soil for our personal garden

It's been a great month.  We not only survived our first cherry harvest, but we managed to sell out ALL of our cherries, and STILL had people calling for more.  We are fortunate to have had a great cherry season when so many others were plagued by rain and early season frost.  Details about the harvest, including photos, can be found here.

Stay tuned for more updating in July!