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December 2004:  Merry Christmas!  We've all survived the move and have been in Washington a little over three weeks now.  Spending most of it settling in to our new home (a lovely split level with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and tons of storage space), getting phone and cable hookup, and all the usual things that come with moving... drivers' licenses, car registrations, voters' registration, etc.

On December 5th, we celebrated Thanksgiving in our new home.  As all of us were traveling on our way to Washington on Thanksgiving Day, we wanted to have a real turkey dinner to celebrate our safe arrival.

We have managed to squeeze time in to decorate our home for Christmas.  Jimmie & Mom picked out a gorgeous 8+ foot tree for our great room.  Mom has also decorated the house with a few floral arrangements.  And, of course, our Christmas Bears are staying warm on the hearth.

Jimmie, Mom and I took turns in the kitchen baking lots of Christmas goodies.  We took plates of cookies to our new neighbors, police station, post office (in Wapato where our mailing boxes are), fire station and a few other places.  We fixed boxes of cookies for the delivery people as well (UPS, mail lady, FedEx).  It's been lots of fun.

Mom and Dad surprised us all the other night with buying a new car.  A 2005 Dodge Caravan.  They went with Gold as the color to celebrate their upcoming 50th Wedding Anniversary (March 8, 2005).  

Dave has been out fishing in the local rivers and ponds around the Yakima and Wapato areas.  He hasn't brought home any fish as yet, but he is learning the area and spending some time chatting with the locals.

Millie, our beagle, and Lady, Dave's Jack Russell, have really enjoyed living in the same house.  Upstairs are two large bedrooms and two baths.  Mom, Dad, Dave and Lady share that area.  Downstairs are two bedrooms, one bath and a couple of nice size storage rooms that Jimmie, Millie and I share.  On the main level (remember, it's a split level) is a great room, kitchen, mudroom and two car garage.   Millie and Lady love to run up and down the various stairs to make sure everybody is greeted each morning.

The weather has been chilly, but manageable.  We had snow a couple of mornings, but it didn't last past mid-morning.

Until later!  

Becca for all

Mom, Dave, Jimmie & Dad at our Thanksgiving dinner table
A morning of snow
Mom & Dad's new car - Dodge Caravan 2005
Packages of Christmas treats
Our Christmas tree
The Christmas bears make the scene

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