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April 2005:  This is the month!  So much is going on.  Becca is printing out weekly schedules so we don't drop the ball on any projects.  We are meeting we our attorney, reviewing expense reports with the sellers, setting up all our business needs (accounting, insurance, employees, etc.), ordering our houses and trying to not to burst with excitement.  It has been a long time coming!

I'll update as we move through this pivotal month.

April 6th:  We had the misfortune of someone breaking into the jeep.  Did $750 worth of damage (broken window, broken driver's seat)  in order to steal a $150 stereo!  Thank God for insurance.

April 24th:  On Friday we celebrated Dave's 48th birthday.  Dave drove Ron around the valley to enjoy a little wine tasting, and then they enjoyed an evening at the Toppenish casino. 

The same day Jimmie and Becca made a quick trip to Sunnyslope to see what was happening.  Just one more week to go before the property is 100% ours.  As we rounded the corner Jimmie and Becca became very excited to see THE BOAT WAS GONE!!  Yes!  (Those who know the boat story will appreciate our excitement.)  

Becca purchased a wireless temperature monitor/alarm for the orchard.  She'll spend this week figuring out the system so it can be hooked up first thing Friday.  Until then, Jerry is responsible to watch for frost.

We've been waiting so long for the close of escrow.  Now we are down to 5 (action packed) days to go.

While we count down the last few days, Dave and Dad take the opportunity to do a little turkey hunting, fishing and mushroom hunting.  Although they came home turkey-less, they did catch quite a few trout and found a good couple of pounds of morel mushrooms.

Cherries at the end of April:  looks like a smaller crop, but bigger cherries 
(a very good thing!)

Spraying the trees

Apricots:  it's looking like a big year


April 29th:  The day has finally arrived!  At 1:20PM we received the call that the deed to Sunnyslope Ranch was officially recorded in our name! 
 It's ours!  All ours!!

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